In April 2016, Premier Boutique started the Adidas Yeezy Preferred Customer Program. The program was successful in 2016. There’s have been a few issues that we need to address to improve the program and streamline the voucher collection process.

We will make the following updates to the program for 2017:


  1. Starting January 2nd, 2017. Customers making a purchase for any non-Yeezy Adidas item at Premier Boutique’s retail location, must request a special program stamp. At the time of stamping, you must show your valid state or government issued ID to a cashier. We will attribute the purchase to that person only. This is done regardless of how the item is paid for (ie cash, Premier gift card, Visa,etc). It is the responsibility of customers to request the stamp.
  2. For purchases made through our online store/phone order for Adidas products, we will consider the customer the name and address on the “billing” address. Anyone attempting to use a online store invoice as proof of credit toward a Yeezy Voucher must have a matching ID with the same name/address.
  3. Starting with any purchase after January 1, 2017. On Yeezy Voucher collection days, we will no longer look at bank/credit card statements to determine eligibility. All purchases after January 1, 2017 require the original receipt with Yeezy Voucher stamp. You must have a matching stamp name to your ID.
  4. The Yeezy Preferred Progam is now updated to apply to adult shoes only. Any possible kids Yeezy shoes do not apply. We will distribute any possible kids shoes in another manner.
  5. Showing the matching credit card/debit card on the voucher collection day is no longer required. The Yeezy Voucher stamp on a receipt and your matching ID is what is important in determining individual eligibility as it relates to identity.


What is the Program?

It’s a loyalty program, which gives first access to adult Adidas Yeezy releases we offer from time to time. The program rewards our most loyal Adidas customers.

What are the basics?

The program allows customers that meet a certain loyalty criteria, a chance at a voucher ticket that guarantees the purchase of a particular size on the date of release. The opportunity happens during a period prior to any possible general Adidas Yeezy lottery.

Why the program?

As everyone knows, the Adidas Yeezy releases are the most sought after model in footwear right now. This is due to the extreme hype, popularity, and resale value.

We tried several different methods of release for past Adidas Yeezy releases. All of which have created inconvenience issues for our store. In April 2016, we updated our distribution method.

In addition, many of the shoes have gone to individuals whom never stepped into our store prior. We feel this is unfair to our loyal Adidas customers. Therefore, we have elected to give preferred access to those that support our normal Adidas selection on a more consistent basis. After all, they are the customers keeping our bills paid throughout the year. Why shouldn’t they have the first opportunity? The program is similar to how most pro sports teams offer playoff tickets to their season ticket holders first.

When did this start?

With any adult Adidas Yeezy release after April 1st, 2016. The program was ran through 2016 with great success.

What are the requirements?

Requirement #1 : Any customer purchasing non-Yeezy Adidas products from Premier Boutique instore, via phone, or online for a total of $200 or more “before tax” during a particular period 2 calendar months to 1 calendar month prior to a adult Adidas Yeezy release date at Premier Boutique. The release date is set to the day Premier Boutique decides and not conformed to other stores and/or a particular brand’s company website. Any purchases made in store will require a special stamp for Yeezy Preferred credit. Customers are required to request the stamp. It is there responsibility. Customers must show ID in order to get a stamp. We will attribute the purchase to that particular person making the purchase. The stamp is given at the time of sale. We will not stamp your receipt after you have left the store, the next day,etc

Requirement #2: You must have a VALID state or government ID with matching photo. No school ID’s, Costco card,etc. This is required for both the voucher credit and voucher collection day.

Give an example of how I can qualify?:

Let’s say a Yeezy release is announced for a Saturday, June 4th at Premier Boutique. We may potentially announce on Yeezy Preferred Program redemption date of Wednesday, June 1st from 11am-7pm or until all vouchers are gone.

A particular customer has 2 receipts/online store invoices for Adidas items purchased from Premier Boutique:

Receipt #1 : Purchase made on April 6th for Stan Smith at $85

Receipt #2 : Purchase made of April 15th for Ultra Boost at $180

In this case, both purchases came within 2 calendar months to 1 calendar month prior to the Yeezy release at Premier Boutique. Also, you are over $200. Therefore, you are eligible if you have the correct stamp/name.

We will then check your receipts to make sure there were no returns of the products listed on the receipts. If the items were purchased in store, we will check for the Yeezy Preferred Voucher stamp and name. If  your purchase is valid, we will then check your state or government ID. This is required. This will be recorded and noted as associated with your voucher. We will give you a ½ of a Yeezy Preferred Program voucher. The other half will be stapled to your receipts totaling $200 or more. The receipts are returned the day of the Adidas Yeezy release at the time of purchase.

What order will the vouchers be given?

Program vouchers are given out AT THE STORE ONLY on a first come basis on the redemption date/period IN PERSON ONLY. We will have an equal number of vouchers to pairs available for purchase. Each voucher states a particular size. We will offer the vouchers for the collection period date OR until all vouchers are gone.




Does spending $200 or more on non-Yeezy Adidas products during the purchase period from Premier Boutique guarantee me a voucher?

No it doesn’t. Let’s say we received 24 pairs of a particular Yeezy shoe. We will hold the voucher collection day. We will only have 24 vouchers. If we have more than 24 customers in line that qualify, we will give all vouchers to them on a first come basis. There are no guarantees.

If I spend more, can I get more vouchers?

If you spend $200 or $2000, you only get 1 voucher. We will associate the receipts presented to us to 1 individual only. It doesn’t matter if a couple is married or if a family made a joint purchase.

Can’t I just keep bringing in the same receipt multiple times for multiple vouchers?

We will check the receipts presented at the time of voucher redemption. The receipt numbers will be checked against our point of sale. It will be noted, recorded, and associated with the individual claiming the voucher based on the ID presented. Any attempts to gain access to more than 1 voucher with the same receipt number will result in voiding of ALL Yeezy vouchers associated with claim attempts.

Can’t I use the same receipt for multiple Yeezy releases?

It is possible for a particular receipt date to fall into the purchase range for multiple Yeezy releases. This happened twice in 2016. Several customers were able to use the same receipt and claim 1 voucher to 2 separate Yeezy releases. Keep your receipts, it pays off.

Do I Get Any Discount?

No, all Adidas Yeezy shoes are sold at the normal announced price.

How do I claim my Yeezy Voucher?

Follow Premier Boutique’s website at premierboutique.com, our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook prior to any possible release starting after April 1st, 2016. We will announce the collection period. Keep those receipts at the ready and keep on your toes. You never know when it will happen. There will be no announcement prior. There’s no guarantee we will receive a particular release you may have read about. Collection periods can happen at anytime. 24 hours a day.

What if I don’t have my receipts anymore?

Starting for purchases made in store after January 1, 2017, we will no longer reprint receipts. We will reprint receipts for any purchase on Jan 1, 2017 or before. Starting on January 2, 2017, you must have a Yeezy Preferred Voucher stamp on your receipt with all info filled in.

Can I split my voucher credit with a friend or family member in order to gain access to more than 1 voucher?


Are vouchers transferable? Can someone else pickup my item?

No. We will check your valid state or government ID. This will be recorded with the 2nd half of the voucher. We will only allow the individual whom claimed the voucher to make a purchase.

Are vouchers replaceable?

No. Treat them as cash. Once lost, we are not replacing them.

Do vouchers run out?

Vouchers are good for a particular pickup window on the date of the release. This will be explained when release info is presented for a particular Adidas Yeezy release.

I forgot to get my receipt stamped for an in store purchase. Can I come back at a later time and get that stamped?

You must get your voucher stamped at the time of purchase. It is the customer’s responsibility to ask for the stamp and fill in the required info. We will not do so at a later date.

Can I claim a voucher over the phone?

No. In person only.

Will there still be a Yeezy general lottery?

For every non-collected Yeezy preferred voucher, we will hold an in store signup general lottery “by size” the following day(s) or for a short period on the collection day. If all pairs are claimed, no lottery will take place. We will only accept 5 entrants per pair available. As with the program, lottery entrants require a VALID state or government issued with matching picture.

Give an example of how the lottery would be conducted?

For example, we hold a voucher pickup time on a Wednesday from 11am-5pm. There are 24 pairs available. At 5pm, we have given out 15 vouchers. That means we have 9 pairs left for the general lottery in a variety of sizes. We will then allow the first 45 people (5 people per pair available) with valid photo state or government ID to sign up for the lottery at another time/day. The lottery would be “by size”, based on the non-collected vouchers.

When is the Adidas Yeezy pickup time?

This info will be released to the public on our website when we are allowed by Adidas. The pickup time will likely be the day of the release during a certain number of hours.

Is the Yeezy release date the same as Adidas and other stores?

Not necessarily. We reserve the right to launch a particular shoe at at time on/or after the release date directed by a particular brand.

What if someone doesn’t pick up?

If someone doesn’t pickup sizes claimed with a voucher or lottery win, we will draw from one of the initial “non-winning” lottery entrants.

Can I claim both a Yeezy Voucher and enter the lottery?

No. We will cross check names and ID’s. It’s 1 allowed purchase per person. Regardless of how you got the ability to purchase.

Can Premier Boutique make changes to this program?

Premier Boutique reserves the right to alter the program at any time for reasons related to fairness to all customers.